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Best Casino in the United Kingdom

The online casino gambling industry is shaping and changing every day and every sports season as the needs of the gambling public also change. In the most recent alteration in the sports betting market, Online casino gaming Ladbrokes as the best UK casino community, has announced some new changes to the in-play betting opportunities on the site. The new side of Ladbrokes is seeing a lot of changes at the software and player rewards level that are intended at revamping the company's brand and showing a clear focus on the needs of the Ladbrokes gambler first and foremost in the company's concern. To that end, in-play betting is now the name of the game in the online UK casino industry and Ladbrokes has announced a full revamp of the in-play betting system.

The World Cup games this past summer really highlighted the growing demand for this type of betting service and all of the mainstream competitors within the online casino betting market are beginning to aggressively compete with in-play betting options. The new Ladbrokes offering will be implemented in several stages according to new CEO of Ladbrokes, John O'Reilly. O'Reilly has brought a fresh new focus to the Ladbrokes brand and he is really the one leading the rollout of the new in-play betting features. Online casino gamblers will see several steps over the coming months that will more easily allow in-play betting on all of their favorite matches and certainly the biggest games will have this feature.

The company is enthusiastic that this feature will continue to grow in popularity in the coming months because of how well received the software was during the World Cup games and players are currently clamoring for more opportunities to watch and enjoy uk online casino betting at the same time.